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The Southeast Asia Television and Radio (SEATV and SEAR) is a multimedia enterprise, which was set up and went into operations in the Kingdom of Cambodia, in 2010. With its main headquarters in Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, and the broadcasting TV-radio antenna tower (152 meter-height) in Sangkat Veal Sbov, Khan Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh.

SEATV has 20 kilowatts-broadcasting capacity; SEAR or FM 106 MHz has the broadcasting capacity of 10 kilowatts, along with more than 15 sub-stations in the provinces of Cambodia. SEATV-Radio is fully registered with the Ministry of Commerce and is licensed by the Ministry of Information, the Royal Government of Cambodia.

SEATV-Radio is a 24-hour multimedia broadcasting station, with nationwide outreach as well as with global coverage through its IPTV broadcasting through SEATV digital TV, SEATV24 and at www.seatv.com.kh. Viewers also can watch and listen to SEATV-Radio programs through cable televisions and networks, DTV, One TV, Sky TV, and other broadcasting platforms. Viewers can use their smart phones, IPhones, IPads, Android 2.3 and set-top-box to watch SEATV programs at anytime and everywhere around the world.

In addition, SEATV-Radio has its own TV-Radio tower as stated above and a number of studios, including virtual studio, news studio, concert studio and interview studio.

SEATV-Radio’a programs-and contents production is primarily based on three pillars or main themes: (1) Education; (2) Culture; and (3) Information. All programs are produced under these three main themes, with the goal of making positive contributions to the collective goods of the Cambodian society.

Under the educational pillar, SEATV-Radio has been producing a number of programs, among others, including Surviving the Khmer Rouge’s Genocidal Regime, People and Law, Education Forum, Internship Forum, People’s Well-Being, Proverbs and Life, My Life, Gratitude for Peace, SME Forum, and the Cambodian Miracles.

Under the cultural pillar, SEATV-Radio has been producing various programs, including: the Cambodian Golden Ancient Temples, Gems Being Crafted, Youth Concert, Classic Concert, Popular Concert, Golden Sound in My Heart, National Cultural Treasures, among others.

Under the news/information pillar, SEATV-Radio has been producing numerous programs including, among others: Morning News, SEATV Today, News at Noon, Evening News, Late Night News, Weekend News, People’s News, and Special Report.

As a not-for-profit multimedia organization, SEATV-Radio has been working closely in partnership with The University of Cambodia (UC), especially through its College of Media and Communications (CMC) as well as through UC’s Internship Program to support and provide hands-on practical training programs. In addition, SEATV-Radio has been producing joint programs together, such as Surviving the Khmer Rouge’s Genocidal Regime, Educational Forum, Internship Forum, and Gratitude for Peace Forum.

To support its programs, especially under the three pillars as outlined above, SEATV-Radio welcomes all sponsorships, contributions and donations. SEATV-Radio also welcomes advertisements and program sponsorships with both SEATV and Radio. For further information or if you have interest in supporting SEATV and radio, please kindly contact our SEATV-Radio team members, as follows:

Mr. Ven Makara
Phone: (+855) (0) 93 212 163
Email: makara_Seatv@yahoo.com

Mr. Ban Chenda
Phone: (+855) (0) 10 555 253
Email: chendaban20@yahoo.com

Ms. Neth Molyka
Phone: (+855) (0) 10 30 6666
Email: molykaneth@gmail.com

Our team will do our best to reply to your inquiry as early as possible. Thank you.